Writing activities for the mitten book

Why do you think the animals inside the mitten keep allowing other animals to enter? Use cotton balls to cover up the letters on the mitten.

Alphabet Match Mitten Activity

Stella, Queen of the Snow: When the two figures join on the second page main picture and Baba begins knitting the white mittens, the scene in the frame switches to the outdoors. As the animals decrease, the snowflakes increase. Day 5 Companion Rhyme: What is the correlation between happiness and teaching?

Grandmothers, however, are usually right and it isn't long before we notice, although he does not, that he has dropped a mitten. Cut out the animal eyes on each of the masks adult only. Jan Brett has put her own spin on the familiar folk theme of a shelter which stretches to accommodate each new occupant.

Find the first word in the text and read the sentences around it.

Winter and Snowman Crafts Kids Can Make!

My students LOVE acting out the story and crawling into "the mitten. Reread with a focus on comprehension. Assessment Look at their drawings. How did the mitten change throughout the story?

The Mitten

You can also point out other words in the book that could be substituted for "went" like swooped and lumbered. So far, I have been successful this year!

The Mitten Multilevel KinderReaders Printable Book

It starts with a small snowflake and builds. The children must find a matching picture pair and clip all the letters to form the word: And that forging new neural pathways can offset the onset of dementia.

Remember to scatter the letters around to make it more of a challenge. Make numbers out of "snow"using glue and coarse salt. Papa doesn't want to join them because it's too cold and Mama has too much work to do. Freezing cold weather brings the community of Toby Mills together. He probably went in like he goes through tunnels underground.

The snake slithered into the mitten. At first we see Baba preparing the yarn while the main illustrations show Nicki, mittenless, playing in the snow.

The Starfall Website is a program service of Starfall Education Foundation, a publicly supported nonprofit organization, c 3. The Snowy Day is the classic about a little boy's adventures on a winter day.

This book captures the joy and excitement that children experience whenever they see snow falling. I've also seen versions that use a glue stick and a dusting of cocoa powder to make it smell like the real thing!

But when Tacky saves the day, everybody learns to appreciate his differences. The Learning Zone by Tom Evans.It is & I have a fun book filled week in store for you!

Today, I am going to kick things off by sharing some of my favorite authors and activities with you & I invite you to share your favorite children's books and activities with me in the linky below. Click here for the best bookstore prices on Jan Brett books © Jan Brett "The Mitten" is a one-time prep or no-prep book companion for the favorite winter story we all know and love by Jan Brett.

This pack includes a vocabulary mat, retelling pieces, a mitten lacing template, retelling pinch cards, several reading response writing pages, and an interactive book. If you’re looking for some winter activities for toddlers, then this is the spot! I’ve gathered some awesome (& fun!) ideas for toddlers to do, all in a winter theme!

As I’m writing this, we are in a snow storm here in Iowa and I can almost bet the kids won’t have school tomorrow. + 2 graphing activities; 2 mitten writing prompts; and several mitten worksheets, including one that covers rhyming words + more verb-work.

Mitten Mischief! {reading, retelling & writing for The Mitten by Jan Brett}

(Great for Daily 5 activities.) and finally, A certificate of praise bookmark that can be used to play another game. Click on the link to view/download the Activities To Go With Jan Brett's The Mitten packet.

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Writing activities for the mitten book
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