The effectiveness of two websites in teaching students

Large schools in particular found it necessary to create mechanisms and supports for collaboration. While teaching undeniably will remain an art, there is also a science to it that we are only beginning to aggressively apply to practice.

SET scores are a poor measure of teaching effectiveness. Zelazo, Janice 21 Apr This study investigated the nature of and factors in the involvement of both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking parents in an elementary school specializing in two-way bilingual education.

Is this information worth the effort? We begin by attempting to explain the unsupported hypothesis, namely that cognitive presence will be significantly higher in the forum led by the highly esteemed instructor.

Student Evaluations of Teaching are Not Valid

In order to understand the implications of these findings, we next analyze active participation in the forum as a function of hypotheses The second was to create initial suggestions for comparing one asynchronous, virtual learning community with another. This non-difficulty may, in part, also account for the general lack of cognitive presence found in both forums, despite the fact that the explicit goal of both forums was to provide a place to learn.

Sidebars include guidelines to implement an effective two-way bilingual immersion program and a discussion of English-as-a-Second-Language ESL programs. A chronemic analysis of asynchronous CMC.

More effective teachers use designated outcomes as a basis for the establishment of curricular alignment. Parents were very satisfied with the language classes offered. The following links are great resources that provide more in-depth information on Web 2.

Timely, informative feedback is vital to any improvement effort. Think about the organization and speed of information access. Effective teachers promote student learning, and related instructional methods have been extensively documented in the educational research literature.

Design factors affecting student satisfaction and perceived learning in asynchronous online courses. Teachers are being pressured to produce results, yet often lack the necessary information and support to make data-driven instructional decisions.

Class size does make a difference, especially when a teacher is expected to work with a large number of at-risk students, whether they are disabled, limited in their English, or poor. The first was to test the hypotheses, theory-based and empirically supported, that in a forum led by a very highly rated instructor, as opposed to a forum led by an instructor held in very low esteem, the following would occur: Blogs in Plain English: The researcher observed parents and teachers in interaction, reviewed school documents, and interviewed parents, families, and school staff, some in short interviews, informal-conversational interviews, and a selected group received in-depth interviews.

Journal of the Asynchronous Learning Network, 7 2.The researchers concluded that “SET are more sensitive to students’ gender bias and grade expectations than they are to teaching effectiveness.” Inpsychologists Robert Youmans and Benjamin Jee found that giving students chocolate before they completed teaching evaluations improved SET scores.

Leer en español (read in Spanish) Nearly 3 in 4 American classrooms now includes at least one English-language learner, and these students make up roughly 1 in 10 public school students.

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Social Networking—Social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook provide great opportunities for students to link and communicate with students from all over the world. For diverse students, these sites can promote and improve their writing abilities.

School leaders undermine teacher trust when they give verbal support to collaboration but fail to provide the time and resources for teachers to work together.

To be effective, teacher teams may need changes in scheduling, access to student data, professional development and other forms of support.

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Involve students in evaluating websites or comparing the content found in two or more websites. Ideas: Look for current and dated information on social studies, science, or health topics that have changed recently such as the number of planets. The Four Aces of Effective Teaching.

The "Four Aces of Effective Teaching" (Walls, ) summarize the most prevalent recommendations from the teaching-effectiveness research literature [7]. They are the strongest links between what teachers can do and the learning that students achieve.

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The effectiveness of two websites in teaching students
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