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In his ninth year Blaine meets Kurt at his summer home. Vous avez jamais entendu les fichiers audio ou quoi? Certain scenes and dialogue really stuck with me, so here it is, morphed into a Dalton-era Klaine fic. Fiction T - English - Kurt H.

Phil masters in Cambridge, UK, when a well-meaning friend sends him a link to a video. Relying on a combination of bits and pieces of advanced technology salvaged from the remains of great cities, as well as the still-pristine forest that they now call home, the people of Westerville are determined to rebuild a world in which peace, love, and cooperation mean more than victory, greed, and wealth.

All the Other Ghosts (Boyxboy Superhero AU Fanfic (Klaine))

But not the scary kind of ghost, I promise. AU with Anderberry and Cheerio! Here - at this school, in Michigan, so far from home. The first fic is complete in 30 chapters. Reccing because it made me cry like no other fic…and those tears hurt.

She kissed him on the cheek and then wrapped her arms and legs around him tightly, laying her head down on his shoulder. The Ghost stood, and turned back to Brooke and her mother.

A romantic comedy told over the course of five weddings. Equivalent to a drabble. Blaine is 40, Kurt is 19, and this is the story of how a chance meeting between a successful buisnessman and a struggling young intern blossoms into something wonderfully unexpected.

But could he still be that same boy?

Oh my Goodness Kate!....Ep 52 Pt 2

If Blaine can manage to stop the world from destroying him first. The world the author has created is very cool, and reads a lot like a good fantasy novel.

The Ghost knelt beside Phalanx, holding a hand out for Brooke to shake. God, the Bible, and Ghosts Part Holy effing drunken kisses!

Big Cock and Nightbird must save the world from the sultry Cockboy.This is a comic of Rainjoy's 'All the Other Ghosts'. All art we post on this blog belongs to the artists on the ATOG team and the story belongs to Rainjoy.

The characters that you recognise belong to. Fic recs! (credit for the fanart goes to AMAZING pencilpushingenthusiast) The list will be updated!:) Absolute favourites are in bold 1) Go Your Own Way by Zavocado (M) Kurt Hummel just wants to get.

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These drabbles were inspired by Rainjoy's amazing superhero AU, All the Other Ghosts, which I strongly encourage you to read if you haven't already. For the purposes of reading these drabbles, all you need to know is that Kurt is The Ghost and Blaine is Phalanx.

Rainjoyswriting all the other ghosts rainjoy
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