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The agency could also have competitors as their clients which could result in the working more with the competitor than your business depending on who they feel is more important which would be an automatic disadvantage to your business as your competitors advert is more likely to be more effective to your target audience which would see you losing sales e.

Another con would be the unexpected expectation as the agency could deliver a completely different end product to what the business actually expected which would be a result of bad communication however for a business to succeed the P4 m2 d1 national you must have a clear vision of what the need product should look like.

In conclusion I believe if the business has the money to hire an advertising agency I recommend that they should as in the long term it could benefit them with skills employees that will make sure that their promotional campaign assist them in their success. The main task of Media Buying lies within the advertising agency to negotiate the price and placement to ensure the best possible value can be secured for their client, one way an advertising agency would be able to ensure a cheaper rate for the client would be by bulk buying advertising time for multiple clients.

And the girls and boys classes will have been separated sometimes to reduce embarrassment. Look at two different areas in the UK- one from the north- one from the south compare the two. There are different types of advertising one would be local advertising which would be suitable for a small business e.

Stores will use psychology to make consumers buy their products so that they can continue to make as much money as they can. Anti-discriminatory practice is when an action is taken to help stop discrimination of race, class, gender, disability and a lot more.

Other than that these agencies can provide discounts to business as they are sometimes given discounts with publishers and TV stations which would again be an advantage to business as they will be paying less money as adverts are usually expensive.

Evaluation is about considering the advantages and disadvantages of the decisions that were made and drawing your own conclusions as a result of this analysis. Both of these areas of the store sell the games that haven't been used by other people so the chances of the game working correctly is fairly high- this means that GAME can charge more for them, however, this does also mean that the customer will be expecting the game to be working straight away — if this is not the case, the customer may form a bad impression of the company.

Swap Star targeting Westminster Kingsway students this was the most suitable media to use. The European convention of human rights is amazing for us living in the UK or anywhere else in Europe as it means we are able to have freedom in what we do and how we do things.

D1 evaluate and justify the use of an appropriate promotional mix in relation to marketing objectives for Ocean Park. But if the business hires a professional advertising agency they are guaranteed to work with people that have both the right skills and experience with advertising.

Most importantly using the internet it was cost effective as it was free to set up these social networking which was one of the main reason Swap Stars chose the internet. Another disadvantage would be your business might be low priority especially if you are not looked at as an important, big client.

Many elderly people are getting ill and are needing more health and social care services to take care of them.

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One role of the advertising agency would be advertising design in which the agency designs the client advertisement material. This is mainly because how new campaigns are not created regularly and having a team just for that would be ineffective and time consuming.

Target Groups The target groups include women, young people, over 50's, disabled people and black or ethnic minority groups. Is M2 basically just an extension of the description provided for P4?

The pension schemes are quite small amounts of money to live off and some only cover the basic needs. In the judgement, Lord Dyson, said the hospital violated the right to respect her private life, coming under the article 8 of the European convention of human rights.

It is a law which has been thought of and considered collectively among others which once passed, applies to everyone. As it stands at the moment both go through and are entitled to appeal through the same legal process although their crimes are so different and the degree of criminality is so different.

Effectiveness Eileen Shepherd wrote an article in about the new code of conduct.P2 M2 D1 Barriers to Participation Economical This barrier is linked to money, unemployment, low incomes or the cost of the sport that you are doing or wanting to do as well as some family's may not pay for there children to join a team as they might thing that it is a waste of money also its not just the money of the club some people might not.

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Assignment 2, Lifestyle Improvement (P2, P3, P4, M2, M3, D1, D2) Scenario Working as a Physical Training Instructor in the armed forces involves carrying out. `P4 Explain the main factors affecting the current patterns of health in the uk M2 - Discuss the factors likely influence current and future health patterns in the uk D1 - Evaluate the influence of government on factors that contribute to the current patterns of health and illness in the uk It is highly known that there is a difference in social classes, culture and socio-economic lifestyles between the north and south of.


unit 1 p2 p6 m1 m2 m3 d1 d2 DONE UNIT 1 P2- PASSED PRINT UNIT 21 P4 AND PRINT UNIT 1 M3 Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contracting businesses. p1 m1 d1 p2 m2 d2 p3 m3 d3 p4 m4 d4 p5 m5 d5 pdf p1 m1 d1 p2 pdf - actuan - tesco p1, p2, m1, scheme of work btec level 3 national sport p1, p2, p3, p4 m1 d1 plts: ie 17 lo1, lo2 explore own skills using a skills audit to inform a career development 1 Tourism Sector - Tandtpublishing.

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Below is an essay on "Equality and Diversity P4 M2 D1" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. (P4) How National initiatives promote.

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