Narendra modi election campaing analysi

Modi's constant message to his party, its elected representatives and workers alike has been to communicate, communicate, communicate. Past electoral experiences show that Modi thrives in election campaigns and is willing to invest in them, be it launching a campaign blitzkreig in Gujarat with over 30 rallies or spending three days in Varanasi in the final lap of the Uttar Pradesh elections.

Modi made it a point to say he was fighting against black money and the corrupt; that those who had looted the poor would have to return money; and that moves such as demonetisation were geared towards this end and that is why the Congress opposed it.

Permanent campaigning pre-empts the setting in of anti-incumbency. Narendra Modi interacts with people at a tea stall in predetermined places using a combination of satellite, DTH, internet and mobile. Hit by the US Federal Reserve 's decision to taper quantitative easingforeign investors had been rapidly pulling out money from India though this has now reversed with Narendra modi election campaing analysi Stock market at near all-time high and the current account deficit narrowing substantially.

Modi gives speeches like a skilled batsman with an appropriate shot for every kind of ball.

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Why Indian politics has so few good orators is a mystery. Advani was upset at the decision to be fielded from Gandhinagarthe capital of Gujarat, from where he incumbent and instead wanted to run from BhopalMadhya Pradesh. It pointed out to a lack of infrastructure investment and a government increasingly likely to give subsidies the national finances cannot afford just before the election.

If the speculation is right, he could capture the tribal vote in central India — still rather inclined towards the Congress — by making Jharkhand Governor Draupadi Murmu the next President of India.

Analysis: India rate hike upsets Modi's election year budget maths

The idea that India was forever going to be run by coalitions was conventional political wisdom, but the foremost secret of Modi's success lies in challenging received wisdom and thinking out of the box.

Every year there are a few important state elections. This, the Congress had calculated, would consolidate the poor behind the party.

5 ways in which Narendra Modi swung Karnataka elections for BJP

This kept party workers in fighting form. India is ranked 95 out of a countries in Transparency International 's Corruption Perceptions Indexbut its score has improved consistently from 2.

Modi, an excellent orator, has delivered scores of similar speeches since then. The stars encourage them to take advantage of these meetings. But it is frustrating to see our economy slide back from the progress it made. By leveraging media outlets who are willing to be pliant to his narrative, he brings around the rest to favour him too.

Contrast this with the lack of courage and audacity in every other party.

Analysis: why Gujarat voted the way it did

But as the campaign entered its final leg, he stepped it up to 21 rallies. Voters say they like to listen to Modi, they feel good listening to him.

It also tapped into social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter - Modi has about four million Twitter followers - to magnify the impact of the advertising and branding campaign. Virgo is diplomatic and Modi has perfected the skill of winning over people.

Taking credit comes from taking ownership. Cadbury had fought its way out of a controversy related to worms in its chocolates while the two beverages giants faced allegations of pesticides in their colas. A message has to be hammered in. Nomination of BJP candidate S.

Bharatiya Janata Party campaign for Indian general election, 2014

He says the dilution of the only other national brand, the Congress, and a common underlying need for change also helped Modi. Rural distress is therefore something that the party needs to address, not just in Gujarat but across the country. In Gujarat we were in the middle of the second and third stage and it was Prime Minister Modi who made the critical difference of winning our voters back.

One, the three-time Gujarat chief minister was a regional brand trying to go national. Economy[ edit ] Sincewhen India undertook a series of reforms in the face of a balance-of-payments crisis, the nation has been governed by a broad agreement about its economy.

What else would you call a story about a child swimming across a crocodile-infested lake to plant a flag on a memorial? And he did it at a massive scale - he attended more than 5, events and political rallies across the length and breadth of the country. How does he do it? When the Congress-led UPA-2 was putting cartoonists in jail under a draconian social media law, Modi was using social media to expand his constituency, to create his own narrative rather than let the Delhi media define him.

Rallies were organised like corporate events with the party employing all the tools to reach out to voters. Any marketing professional will tell you how clarity of message is the first requirement of successful marketing. Some of the websites include defencenews. From Siddaramaiah monopolising the welfare narrative and attacking the BJP for being insensitive to the poor, Modi ensured that the BJP could also lay claim to being sensitive and addressing the core needs of the subaltern.Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses an election campaign rally ahead of the Karnataka state assembly elections, in Bengaluru.(REUTERS FILE).

Mission of election campaign was + seats in lok sabha elections Party aimed at garnering support from the low income groups because upper middle class has always remained with the party Party projected Narendra Modi as the Strong leader which catered to the people’s need of a strong leadership.

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Narendra Modi's election juggernaut in the Lok Sabha polls is an example of howto prepare and successfully implement a marketing and branding campaign. This case study looks at the strategy and tactics behind the creation of Brand Modi. “The game plan is to make Narendra Modi app the killer platform for the next elections and beyond,” said the person aware of the BJP’s plan.

With estimated downloads of over 10 million already, the Narendra Modi app’s mission is two-fold — mobilize and integrate some million BJP members across the party’s operations and use the app to deliver targeted messaging to existing and potential voters.

In MarchNarendra Modi was appointed to the BJP Parliamentary Board, the party's highest decision-making body, and was chosen to be chairman of the party's Central Election Campaign Committee. [3] [4] On 10 JuneModi was selected to head the poll campaign for the elections at the national level executive meeting of BJP in Goa.

In MarchNarendra Modi was appointed to the BJP Parliamentary Board, the party's highest decision-making body, and was chosen to be chairman of the party's Central Election Campaign Committee. [3] [4] On 10 JuneModi was selected to head the poll campaign for the elections at the national level executive meeting of BJP in Goa.

Narendra modi election campaing analysi
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