Do myths matter

Not all myths are quite so poignant, nor do they all offer a moral, let alone a good one.

Chasing rainbows: why myths matter

Specifically, Samhain was meant to utilize the occasion of the new year to achieve the regeneration of individuals, their kings, and society, through interaction with the powers and beings of the Otherworld Markale, p. Stumped at first, Hercules, with the inspiration of the goddess Athena, finally came up with a clever plan to scare the birds from a safe distance with a massive noisemaker, picking them off one-by-one with a slingshot as they instinctively took flight.

It offers a way to perceive matters that shape our lives for good or ill. Ariadne was the charming daughter of King Minos and Pasiphae.

For days and days, Enkidu suffered horribly from this insidious wasting illness before he finally succumbed to it. On the right harvesting clusters from an overhead trellis. Fate is given and inexorable, and cannot be altered.

Why Myth Matters

The Stations of the Sun: Destiny is a creative process, a movement toward the future, a process of becoming, which requires courage and always involves existential choice to some extent.

One such example is known as The Intoxication of the Ulstermen, in which the hero Cuchulain a proxy for his king and his companions are at a feast on Samhain hosted by their enemies, the king and queen of Connaught.

Or are they--and should they be held morally and legally--accountable for such evil deeds? See my previous posts.

Or was he fully responsible for his heinous crime? What distinguishes the hero from the herd is the willingness to accept this anxiety, to embrace the unknown, to bravely face possible psychological or physical annihilation or death head on.

Psychologically, we could say that when we successfully confront and overcome an especially difficult inner or outer challenge in life, we are empowered, and take on from that experience a confidence and courage helpful in all future ventures.

Such places echo or reflect back to us that which dwells in the deepest, darkest recesses of our own psyche. But we tend to forget that, like Oedipus, in his youth, Hercules himself committed one of the most evil deeds imaginable: Samhain as a Festival of Transformation Getting to the bottom of Samhain can be tricky.

Myths were told by pre-scientific often even pre-literate cultures as a means of understanding both themselves and the world around them. Professor Richard Dawkins has built a career on occupying the extremist position on God. From Pagan Ritual to Party Night. The answer is simple: The Lernaean Hydra was a highly venomous serpentine creature with nine hissing heads.

Depiction of winemaking on tomb wall. In the Celtic understanding, there were two realms of reality: Egyptians thought that wine had within itself the secret of rebirth Poo, p. Egyptian art often depicted Canaanites as making the wine.

Tomb of the Egyptian official astronomer, priest, and scribe Nakht, Thebes, 18th Dynasty. He abuses his power, disrespects the elders of his city and employs the right of prima noctae to become a serial rapist. Make the people around you happy.But in his latest book, The Magic of Reality, he extended his reach beyond the noble cause of enlightening the young about science to the rather more ignoble one of debunking the whole notion of myth all together.

Why Myths Still Matter: Hercules and His Twelve Healing Labors What we can still learn from the psychology of myths, and why it matters. Posted Oct 25, Why do the Greek myths matter? Myths were used to explain natural events and occurrences that the Greeks did not yet understand.

The ancient people thought that several gods and goddesses controlled everything in the world, and the myths are the stories they used to explain their beliefs.

Why Myths Still Matter (Part Three): Therapy and the Labyrinth What is the psychospiritual significance of the mythical labyrinth? Posted Nov 26, Offset is either a must have or a total turn off, depending on the golfer, but what does it actually do?

We explore that question in this edition of Golf Myths Unplugged. Author and scholar writing about myths and mythology and their relevance to us in today's world. We discuss myths and mythic travel, provide book reviews and a list of mythological resources, and have the blog of Arthur George.

Do myths matter
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