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Zeus a Greek God had a daughter by the name of Athena. Athena was the Greek Goddess of wisdom. The male is considered the stronger, aggressive, masculine and brutish image.

Although society has continued to change the male divine found switching the roles play by staying at home and supporting the family needs.

In another legend, the great hero Agamemnon came upon the wrath of Artemis, when he killed a stag in her sacred grove.

The male divine is the protector of the house, the provider, and control the needs of the household. Artemis and Hippolytus Just as she punished the transgressors of the sacred vow, Artemis rewarded those who kept it.

If mom is not available, the child will turn to their dad. The female and male divine continues to live in harmony and depend on the different ideas and opinion that each possess and strive for completeness. She was always armed with a bow and arrow. Rarely is it seen that the soul mate is simply a friend one has a deep bond with.

Homer referred to her as a mistress of wild animals. The male and the female are valued. She also loves the wilderness.

She was often depicted with the crescent of the moon above her forehead and was sometimes identified with Selene goddess of the moon. They both are in authority to give orders, and many people look up to them both. Although she was worshipped a very long time ago, she is still very well known today.

She is the protector of chastity and a nurturer of the young. These people are aromantics and asexuals, respectively, and those are widely recognized orientations. If a woman has a lot of sex, she is called a slut. So as to devote himself to a chaste life, Hippolytus scorned Aphrodite after which the goddess of love made his stepmother fall in love with him.

She was the daughter of Zeusking of the gods, and the Titaness Leto and she has a twin brother, the god Apollo.

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Her main job was to roam mountain forests and unoccupied land with her nymphs in attendance, hunting for lions, panthers, hinds and stags.

Later, she helped in protecting and seeing to their well-being, also their safety and reproduction. Also, Artemis was known for her protection of her virginity. Describe the elements and function of god myth just depends on the cultures and what they have been told to believe.

However she did not punish then due to the fact that she did not believe in punishment, especially not through transformations. She was just a strong minded woman who loved nature.

Artemis was one of the Olympians and a virgin goddess. However, Artemis called upon Asclepius and resurrected Hippolytus as a new man, who subsequently ruled in Italy under the name of Virbius.Greek Mythology: Artemis Essay The Tales and Life of the Goddess Artemis Greek mythology is a religion filled with myths and legends used to tell stories that explain how some things came to be or to teach lessons.

Artemis is the Olympian goddess of the hunt, the moon, and chastity; in time, she also became associated with childbirth and nature. No more than few days old, she helped her mother Leto give birth to her twin brother Apollo.

The Roman Goddess Diana has many similar characteristics like those of the Greek Goddess Artemis. Diana is the twin sister of the Roman God Apollo and her parents are Leto and Zeus. Like Artemis, Diana has many relationships made through hunting.

Artemis - the Greek Goddess of Wildlife and Fertility

Nov 18,  · Artemis Essay November 18, infinitelyfun original, writing portfolio Leave a comment. “I’m laughing so hard because Artemis is a Greek goddess of, among other things, maidenhood and archery.

She is. a. Diana - this is the name of Artemis in Roman mythology. She has the same characteristics as Artemis. b. Selene - the Romans then associated Diana with Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon (known as Luna in Roman mythology). But unlike Diana and Artemis, Selene was not known for her chastity.

Greek goddess by the name of Artemis was as strong as an ox. She doesn’t need a male to protect her. Artemis is the defender and guardian of all women in childbirth.

Artemis greek goddess essay
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