An introduction to the analysis of hurricane

Reanalyzing Pacific Typhoon Seasons: An Introduction

This means that a reduction factor needs to be applied to these winds to get an estimate of the surface winds in these areas. The NHC with its recon data had maximum sustained winds of 95 knots mph as Ike made landfall.

The scale above ranges from 0 to 24 inches of rain in total. Storm Surge - a dome of water 40 to 60 miles long that moves onto the shoreline near the landfall point of the eye. In summary, while there may have been brief tornadic circulations, radar data and storm damage could not confirm that Hurricane Ike caused any tornadoes in Southeast Texas.

Outer rain bands that typically spawn tornadoes occurred mostly over western Louisiana which limited tornado activity to these areas. Seas underneath the eye are extremely dangerous however. The most recent update includes a new section on tornadoes as well as wind data from research teams.

Tropical storm force winds moved inland as far north as Longview, TX. Ike is still in the Gulf of Mexico. A cubic yard of sea water weighs approximately 1, pounds. Even though winds approached 80 knots 95 mph in some areas as Ike move inland, hurricane force winds persisted for a long time as well.

This should give a good indication of the maximum winds in these parts of the hurricane. This is mainly due to the radar sampling winds about to feet above ground level since the radar beam bends upward with distance from the radar.

The wind analyses are computer generated by HRD using observations from many sources that not only include buoy, oil platform, ship and airport observations but also data from reconnaissance flights, some radar data, and satellite data.

Other observations quit operating as Ike moved inland mainly due to power outages from the strong winds. In the middle of these trends liesa year significant in marking the end of regular Western Pacific aircraft reconnaissance.

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The NHC with its recon data had maximum sustained winds of 95 knots mph as Ike made landfall. The wind measurements are also one-minute means with a 3 second gust. This should give a good indication of the maximum winds in these parts of the hurricane. Much of east Texas felt the brunt of hurricane force winds with the east side of the storm moving through Chambers and Jefferson Counties at landfall.

Sensor A positioned at Fort Travis on Bolivar Peninsula measured maximum sustained winds of 73 mph with a maximum gust of 87 mph. This again shows that Ike had stronger winds in the southern part of its core than the northern half. At first glance, this seems to indicate much stronger winds in Hurricane Ike than the analysis shows.

Even though the maximum winds have decreased to 70 to 75 knots mphhurricane force winds still cover much of Galveston Bay and Chambers County through the southern part of Hurricane Ike figure 5. It is inconclusive as to whether Ike was responsible for any tornadoes across Southeast Texas.

While the wind speeds may be at a Category 1 level on the Saffir-Simpson Scale, these winds persisted for a several hours which would contribute to more extensive wind damage across the region than if Ike was moving faster or had a smaller wind field.

A manual observation from the control tower at Hobby Airport in Houston reported winds of 65 knots 75 mph with gusts of 80 knots 92 mph.

We can only speculate that if other observations did not fail during the hurricane that there would have been more reports of hurricane force winds. This was taken at 16Z on the 29th. Tropical storm force winds are beginning to decrease along the coast where these winds have been in place for 9 hours or more.

Spiral Bands - bands of thunderstorms that spiral away from the eyewall for hundreds of miles. Also note that these hurricane force winds continue 6 hours after tropical storm force winds began affecting the coast in figure 1 at UTC. Sensor B located in north central Chambers County measured maximum sustained winds of 79 mph with a maximum gust of 96 mph.

These anemometers were located mainly in the eye of Hurricane Ike or just east of the eye where the strongest winds would be located. These winds most likely persisted longer than 5 hours as the southern eye wall of Ike had yet to pass through the area as seen by radar.

This means that the winds speeds may be less than winds at the 10 meter height. One would not be able to distinguish between hurricane wind damage and tornado damage.

There were no tornadoes reported with the storms. Eyewall - as warm, humid air rushes in toward the eye, it spirals around and up to form large cumulonimbus clouds thunderstorms.

Hurricane Ike - Wind Analysis

This means that the winds from Ike would not have had as much of a chance to weaken as it moves inland.Analysis INTRODUCTION Hurricane Katrina brought with it a very intense storm surge and very intense rainfall over portions of Florida, the Gulf Coast states, and most notably Louisiana.

Fire Island was fundamentally altered from Sandy. Waves and storm surge caused extensive beach erosion. The dunes were severely eroded, overwashed or leveled along most of the island, and the island breached in three locations.

Introduction Download Forced to Move [PDF. Rhetorical Analysis of “Hurricane” Introduction In the film, “The Hurricane”, Jewison uses camera, dialogue, music, and lighting techniques to educate and inform the audience about important ideas within the context of political protest in America during the sixties.

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An introduction to the analysis of the hurricane

Hurricanes Essay Examples. 33 total results. The Destructible Forces of Hurricanes and Cyclones. words. 1 page. An Analysis of the Hurricanes, Cyclones, and Typhoons in the Tropical Areas.

words. 2 pages. An Overview of the Hurricane Natural Hazards in the Nineties. 1, words. 3 pages. Introduction. If you live on or near the South Carolina coast you need to understand and be prepared for hurricanes.

Hurricane Ike - Wind Analysis

We can't prevent hurricanes, but we can take action to protect ourselves and our families from these storms' dangers. DHEC Hurricane Materials or Publications.

Hurricane Day Hurricanes (pdf) SCEMD and SC Hurricane.

An introduction to the analysis of hurricane
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